Car Insurance went up 77% in the last six months. F**k Progressive

@ponder7 Yeah, it's really eye-opening how much some folks pay for car insurance. I pay $70/month for full coverage on a brand new 2022 vehicle. It would be closer to $90 but I pay in full every six months and get a nice discount for that. I can't imagine having to spend the equivalent of a car payment on a new car every month just for insurance on an old vehicle.
@tom960 Have you seen the new cost or replacement parts and labor? Throw in your recent accident and sadly, you're right on par.

I got hit early (june) because my state allowed it sooner than most. Everything trickles down.
@tom960 See if Elephant Auto is cheaper. I switched from Progressive to Elephant and it’s $40 per month cheaper ($60/mo instead of $100/mo for the same level of coverage)
@tom960 if the insurance paid $1000 on your deer claim, that is what is fucking your rates. Not that it's right, but that's what it is. You'll find every other company will do the same. I know because I'm just at my third year since I hit a big dog at 55 mph and did $1900 in damages and just now back to normal on policy premiums.
@tom960 progressive locked me in at 144 / mo last year, after 3 months, it creeped up to 188, and has been there ever since. Fack off progressive
@nicole17 Here is an update on my post about Progressive jacking my rates up. I got new insurance from Costco for $380 for 6 months. That's $750 cheaper and I got higher coverage.
@tom960 You should definitely compare quotes and switch to a new insurance company. You can use an online marketplace or an insurance agent to get quotes from multiple insurance companies all at once, which can save you some time.

Each insurance company has their own niche. For example, State Farm rates tend to be higher than other insurance companies for almost everyone, except families with teen drivers. For whatever reason, State Farm doesn't rate teen drivers as harshly as other companies, so they usually have lower rates in that instance. Its possible that Progressive is especially hard on drivers who file comprehensive claims, or that there is another insurance company out there that isn't so bothered by comprehensive claims and doesn't rate people so heavily for that type of thing.
@tom960 Car insurance companies look at their policies at a portfolio level.

Different drivers have different levels/types of risk.

If a company’s portfolio has too much of a certain type of risk they raise rates on this drives to make up for the extra risk they are taking and drive some of those drivers to different companies.

As time goes by your risk profile changes, so your rates will as well.

Best thing to do is to shop your rates every six months to see which company wants your business.
@tom960 I agree. Fk them all. We pay ours monthly and it went from around $150-60 to $262. We have no accidents and no tickets at all. We have an '08 that is liability only and a 2012 that is full coverage. We've been looking for cheaper rates but a lot of the companies went up a lot. My aunt is elderly and has liability and her insurance went up nearly $30 even though her car is old and she herself is over 70. Prices are out of control. None of us can afford to live even before this bs and now with inflation so many of us are a paycheck away from being homeless or are homeless.
@atonement511 Here is an update on my post about Progressive jacking my rates up. I got new insurance from Costco for $380 for 6 months. That's $750 cheaper and I got higher coverage
@tom960 Hi guys, I used to sell car insurance. One tip is never take the renewal go to a new broker it will always be way cheaper.

Lemme know if you want to know anything else.
@tom960 So I have progressive. Every time mine goes up, I get a brand new quote, purchase a new insurance and get rid of the old. I get like online and new discounts or some BS. I have found it’s literally cheaper to start over with them 3 times in a row now. Worth a shot lol
@tom960 Last 6 months I was at $755, renewal was $735 and decided to switched to State Farm instead and paid $500. With Progressive you basically have to pay in Full to get any sort of deal.

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