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    GIC maturation by tax deadline?

    Hi there - I’m wondering about a situation I’m in. The deadline for my tax payment is listed on my notice of assessment as May 21. This isn’t the typical April 30, so I’m confused. I’d like to trust what the NOA says but I’m just worried it somehow is wrong and I’ll be charged interest...
  2. L

    Planning on Going for a PhD

    I'm 29 currently with 40k in my 401k and 70k in savings. While I could continue working my Software Engineering job and retire quickly, I want to try and attempt to do something bigger in my life - something that can fight climate change destroying food crops or reducing antibiotic resistance in...
  3. P

    Raising awareness for interac fraud

    I saw this post and I wanted to raise awareness about a different interac scam but comments were closed. My friend wanted to buy a Roomba and eventually found a cheap one on kijiji The seller claimed that he makes free delivery but in order to proceed he requires a secure e transfer and will...
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    Raise of 500 a month after tax - what to do

    Hi all. I have 500 a month extra net (1,000 gross) from next month in salary. I’m trying to figure out how to use it best. I have 4 months salary in an emergency account. I have about 45k in an ETF account, and I save 22k per year into this (1500 every month, and 4 k a year from a bonus) My...
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    Guide to Designated (特定) Investment Accounts

    I think I promised a few users that this post would be ready a couple of months ago, so apologies to them for the long delay. As usual, this is just general information not actual advice, and anyone looking for advice they can rely on should obviously consult a professional. Translation and...
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    I fcuked up. I need help

    Throwaway for obvious reasons. Working for a small-ish company for 3 years as a freelancer now as my side income. started small enough. 150 here, 300 there. Another guy worked there too, said he never declares it, too small to declare. Accountant friend told me not to worry about it. Well. 3...
  7. C

    Investment portfolio tracker

    Hi all, I've been working on building a comprehensive investment portfolio tracker for a while. One element that's critical that I'm struggling to incorporate is the portfolio performance over time. I know there are a number of ways to measure this but I'd be looking to implement the following...
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    Does this Savings Investment Fund look ok? Or could I be doing better?

    When my child was born 3 years I set up a long term savings investment fund through a broker which uses Zurich. The plan is called the Special Savings Plus (Matrix). Here's a breakdown of the fund allocations: Indexed Top Tech 100: 11.3% Emerging Market OOP (JPM): 12.78% Prisma Max: 35.93%...
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    My ROTH TSP contributions aren’t being deducted from my pay. What’s the best way to solve this issue?

    I have my TSP set at 11% for ROTh. I was looking at all of my 2024 LES and noted that the rate was at 11%, yet nothing was being deducted. I quickly logged on to the TSP Website and lo and behold I haven’t made any contributions for this year for some reason! Was the money actually deducted...
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    PCS Immediately to TDY (ANG)

    My spouse and I PCS'd from state A to state B for training. My ANG unit is in state C. My unit has me PCSing from state B to state C, and then immediately going TDY to state D for more training. My spouse will be accompanying me on this TDY to state D. We do not have a home/residence in state...
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    Looking to consolidate 401(k)s and understand Roth options

    I'm currently neither employed nor self-employed. My 2023 AGI from past employment will be around $144k. My liquid assets are: Two old 401(k)s totaling about $200k An old SEP IRA with $121k A 529 plan with $46k Other non-qualified accounts with about $465k I recently learned that my 401(k)s...
  12. R

    Thoughts on possible crypto tax reform for 2024

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find anything related and I really wanted to hear people's thoughts on this one. A proposal that suggests the government to be more lenient on crypto taxes was published recently. There are several suggestions but the ones that affect...
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    Arby’s 5 for 5

    It’s beef week at Arby’s. They have a 5 classic beef sandwiches for 5 dollar deal. I typically see a lot of people talk about the cost of fast food so I thought I’d share since it’s a pretty great deal with a lot of savings.
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    So a new r/ I created. The goal is to take the smallest amount of cash and see how much money you can make from it using NFT’s, Cryptos, and stocks
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    House insurance - what number to insure?

    FHB. Do people insure the full value of the property i.e. how much I pay for it (land and improvements) e.g. $1.5m? Or just for the improvements (buildings etc.) without the property land value e.g. $600k? Do I still get contents insurance? I assume my contents isn't included in the house...
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    Selling my business for $425k profit, looking for advice

    Title, selling my business for $650k, should walk away with $425k after all is said and done. I make $100k salary and usually put about $1k/mo into savings after tax/bills/HSA/IRA etc. I plan to draw $2k/mo from the money from the sale to supplement income and have a little fun money. I have...
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    Builder asking 90% funds in less one year while the flat possesion is after 3 years

    One of my relatives is considering to buy an apartment in Bengaluru (G+4) setup. The price is around INR 1.5 Cr including everything. The project is just launched and expected for possession in 2027. Loan would be around 1 Cr and remaining as downpayment over the next 3 years. However as per the...
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    5 and dive TSP question

    Hey guys just a knucklehead O-1 (prior E with almost 4 y TIS)who is dead set on getting out at the 5 year mark. Looking at Roth TSP to contribute and was wondering should I contribute the minimum 5% (put rest towards brokerage account/save up for things like house down payment) or try and max it...
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    Inflation is a silent killer

    It’s crazy how things are getting soo expensive it doesn’t make sense anymore. A roti canai costs RM2, a nasi lemak biasa costs RM4. It was just over a year maybe 2 ago roti canai costs about RM1.50 and a nasi lemak about RM2.50-3. That is almost 60% price hike in just 2 years. Thats...
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    L & G pension fund advice - which funds to choose

    Bit of a long shot, but has anyone researched which L & G funds are the best? My work use L & G and I have been put into L&G PMC 2040 - 2045 Target Date Fund 3...