Car Insurance went up 77% in the last six months. F**k Progressive


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I just got my renewal letter today. Six months ago I paid $638 for six months of coverage and now they want $1133.

No tickets. One "no fault" accident where I hit a deer. I would hate to see what they would have charged me if I had an accident that was my fault.

Time to find a new company.
@tom960 Depends on where you are. I have quoted absolutely every big name company for an apples to apples amount of coverage, and Geico blows everyone out of the water.
@dtpostel I don't know dude. I used to have Progressive which is on the higher side and they are horseshit when it comes to making claims too. Which is the reason I left in the first place.
@dtpostel I hear this as well. I had a pop up camper covered by Geico. The cable snapped on it. When I asked them about it, they immediately covered it minus 100$ deductible.

I get it fixed for around $1500 and after almost a year, it breaks again. Come to find out the dealer that fixed it half assed it by putting a wire clamp on it.

So, I called GEICO and they covered the rest - another $2000.

This past May, I backed my Jeep into the garage with the rear window open. It shattered my rear window, and broke the fiberglass. I took pictures and sent the pictures. They had a check cut in a week for me to buy a replacement. They were even willing to pay extra for a glass cleanup crew which I declined.

So I dunno, GEICO has been good for me. I pay 550$ every 6 months. I have full coverage on a 2021 travel trailer and a 2021 Wrangler. I have the lowest possible deductibles on my vehicle. I could probably get it lower.

I guess everyone's experience is different!
@tom960 As a licensed insurance agent myself who works with 18 different carriers at my agency and I can confirm rates across the country are going up with all carriers because of inflation. Accidents are costing more. Labor to repair costs more. Not to mention lack of parts these days. Cost of medical in the last two years has doubled. factor all this in and auto insurance has gone up. Average rate I’ve seen is 42% but I’ve also seen as much as double in rates.
Also keep in mind things such as late payments and your credit score can affect you at renewal.
@ellalainen My car is in the shop for repairs under warranty, but parts are on backorder. The dealership is paying for my rental until parts come in, could be a month or more. That adds up
@nineteenkilo I was in a not-at-fault wreck about 18 months ago. Repair shop said repairs would only take 2, 3 days top, if they could get the parts. Parts came in, dropped off my car, and they started work. Found an additional item damaged... took them a month to get it in. All the while I was driving an insurance paid rental.
@ellalainen Here is an update on my post about Progressive jacking my rates up. I got new insurance from Costco for $380 for 6 months. That's $750 cheaper and I got higher coverage. 🙂
@tom960 Same here with Geico. They gave me my renewal yesterday; it went from $378 to $556. For absolutely no goddamn reason. I could get it down to $480 if I dropped comprehensive and collision insurance (my car is only worth $3k), but that means I'd be completely screwed right now if I got into an accident.

I had switched from Progressive because they did the same thing. The first year was $490 or so for 6 months, and then it went up to $700, and I was like yep no.
@resjudicata Here is an update on my post about Progressive jacking my rates up. I got new insurance from Costco for $380 for 6 months. That's $750 cheaper and I got higher coverage. 🙂
@tom960 That's not bad. I'm currently with State Farm for $320 and change. I have my renters insurance through them. We'll see what happens when my 6 months are up.
@tom960 my liberty mutual went up about $25 a month bc of “inflation”.. but I still have great coverage for about $160 a month. honestly, I was shocked. i called and double checked in disbelief bc esurance had just quoted me $800 a month for lesser coverage. I’m all about liberty mutual!

and the reason for my shock.. no tickets in 10 years or accidents in that time. and then I was car #4 not at fault in an accident that longer story later ended with me getting surprise spine surgery. my car was totaled, and I was even more fucked because I thought I could save some money and had let my insurance lapse for more than 6 months (my state punishes hard for this one, no one be like me, one of the stupidest decisions you can make)… this happened about 3.5 years before I had this LM policy.
@gnandstein Liberty mutual won't even cover me. I found this out when a helpful agent on the phone told me that they had to refer me to a partner company for a quote. I have 3 not at fault/weather claims on my history, and 2 at fault.

Geico is the cheapest I've been able to find and I pay $270ish per month. I used to pay $220ish and it went up to $270 and I called to ask why and they said "it's not your fault, it's inflation." Progressive wasn't bad either though, tbh. I think everyone is raising rates right now.
@tom960 Any chance you drive a Kia?

Call around for quotes. Same thing happened to us last year and I had multiple options that were cheaper than what they quoted.

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