Parents are being forced out of Canada and need advice

@danabrundle It was better under them because the harper government had the benefits of being handed a strong situation from a liberal government. They then tanked it and it got handed to "lip service" Trudeau who hasn't made any major correctional moves.
Basically - the situation now is a direct result of conservative policies, and the price being paid for the "good time" under them then.
@danabrundle If by "liberal" you mean Neoliberal economics, I agree.

But neoliberal is conservative policy which I like to point out to smooth brains who use the word "liberal" as an insult or something.

You vote conservative? You are a neoliberal. How does it feel being what you hate?
@danabrundle Lol sure bud.

Get fucked with outside interference with my city's politics.

We don't need your peanut gallery comments.

More like voicing your crybaby far right delusions.
@dropdwhite well there was a federal housing plan until the liberals killed it in 1993. we would have an additional 550,000 affordable houses across canada today.

do your research.

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