What is the Best Pet Insurance in Florida?


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Hello, I just moved to Miami from out of state and wanted to know if anyone knows the best pet insurance for Florida? Not sure if it makes any difference of the city or not, but I am curious if anyone has any good suggestions for my dogs and cat.

My 2 dogs are both Pitbull mixes and my cat is a mixed breed Siamese also, that I adopted from a shelter so I am not sure of her history or exact breed type. Don’t worry, the cat is the boss in this household. She rules the house and keeps the dogs in line. She doesn’t have any issues, my pitbulls are healthy also. Pitbulls are 3 years old and my cat is 1 years old we believe. Any suggestions for Florida pet insurance??

Muchas gracias
@brantphile I'm in Tampa, my poodle came down with a bad UTI. Thankfully, I had pet insurance, would have cost me over $1000 out of pocket, but I had 90% reimbursed within a week. I don't know what I would have done without coverage. I'm a personal trainer and don't make a ton of money to pay for my vet bills.

I used this site to find my plan that shows the specific prices and best policies for Florida.
@annetteg Hi there, thanks so much for that site. I checked it out and they confirmed my own research of who are best options in Florida. Which insurance company did you end up going with? I'm leaning towards Lemonade, Odie or maybe Figo.
@brantphile I don't want to say which one I went with, but it was the top ranked provider on that list. They had the least expensive plan with the coverage I was looking for. Also, their 24/7 vet chat has been invaluable, as I am a nervous poodle dad.
@annetteg I hear you about being nervous. When my pitbulls were puppies I literally googled stuff all day long worrying if they were getting sick because they had diarrhea, or freaking out about them chewing on sticks, it was kind of hilarious. My cat on the other hand doesn't cause me any worry, she is a self sufficient queen.
@brantphile So I used to live in Boca Raton and Pompano Beach area. I did quite a bit of research when I was searching for insurance for my beagle. The top companies I found to be the cheapest with the best coverage, underwriters, etc. Were Lemonade, Odie and Fetch. If money was no object, I would probably go with Trupanion, unfortunately, it is an object to me, so I found a policy that had 90% reimbursement and a $500 deductible with a price that was under $50 a month with Lemonade. I think you can't really go wrong with any of the top companies. You're best to do a bit of comparing.
@jayraytee Thank you so much, I will check out those companies. I love the pompano beach area.

Edit--- I forgot to ask, have you made claims with Lemonade and if so, what were they for and how was your experience?
@brantphile Sorry, I missed the notification that you replied.

Yeah, Pompano is great, except for the area around the racetrack, although less now that it was demolished :) I moved out prior to that though.

I have made some claims with Lemonade, but they were small. The good news is they paid me quickly and didn't even ask any questions. My beagle had a weird skin tag that they removed and I was paid back within a few days and then they always reimburse for any shots and vaccines that I get at 90% of what I paid.
@brantphile I went with Lemonade because I liked the user experience, the price was less than many others and the annual limit is $20,000 which I am pretty comfortable with. Also, did I mention it was less than the others?
@brantphile I would recommend getting quotes from these providers Spot, Pets Best, Lemonade, Healthy Paws, Figo, and Animalia.

I would avoid Nationwide, trupanion, and I have had a bad experience with Embrace. If you want to share your quotes and info here I would be happy to chat more about it. Nationwide are having a lot of trouble right now even canceling peoples policies!

I personally have Spot for my great dane and they've been great most of the time.
@brantphile Hello again, I have no idea why they are cancelling but the rumors suggest they are in financial trouble. I used to live in Palm Beach and downtown Miami but now live in a different state. Best of luck with your pet

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