@marytres Same! I only see week 39 from dec 12 :(
My daughter and I just getting over a cold. Had to get food from the elementary school again today bc we can’t afford real groceries. Card keeps getting declined. Just...I’m over it
@philips I’m sorry to hear that I’m moving out of the stave of VA after this pandemic it’s clear in the past year the commonwealth has never been in the best interest of its community there’s no excuse for what the VEC and other state agencies have done. I know friends who’ve lost everything their jobs homes and even worse their loved ones due to the neglect from our representatives hang in there I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers! Hopefully this will be over soon
@marytres Doin the best we can to make sure we NOT rely on our crappy government should this EVER happen again 😔 my parents somehow managed to make it through (contractor and realtor) but it hasn’t been easy for everyone and now more than ever it’s easy to see who the backbone of this country is and who/what we should really be spending time on and paying attention to.
Meaning. We should prob do away with our archaic, medieval government and focus on subjects that truly matter to us...the PEOPLE. As a WHOLE. Not just the upper class, not just the “working class” but every one.
So that means we ALL have to involved and stop worrying about frivolous shit. That at the end of the day does not matter.

And worry more about the “bigger” picture, so to speak. Operating on low levels of consciousness is so boring and mundane.

It’s all about “me me me me”
When in reality, If you focus on the bigger picture...what you can do to help your community thrive as a WHOLE instead of trying to compete with every other person that passes by just to keep up false pretenses ...
Then you learn how to unlock copious amounts of peace and clarity. Sincerity, authenticity, transparency. All that you wish you had, projected out into the world? Is that not the greatest display of shining your light?
@philips I see the job fair notification. Hopefully this is the start of the full implementation. Progress means they’re at least actively working on it

Edit: to those scared, mine updated and it seems they are doing it in waves
@philips this is not fucking middle school where you wait until the class before to do the final touches on your project knowing if its a class late its a 5 point deduction this is about peoples lives and still vec is setting a great example w their procrastinating and waiting until the last minute for all virginians

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