Updated list of available products for new IBKR Japan accounts

@sadmamacat If IBKR JP has all of the ETFs and/or stocks you already invest in, won't it be better for us? I assume the tax reports will be in Japanese and English and it will make filing in Japan a lot easier. Also, no more transferring money abroad.

Other than lack of variety, is there anything I'm missing?
@mitchellh I think there are a lot of benefits if they are willing to let American customers keep using the service. Like you said, taxes should get easier to do here. Domestic bank account transfers for people whose salary is paid in yen. I'd love to see NISA or tokutei accoutns become available sometime too.
@sadmamacat I'm coming up on 5 years in Japan. Is it a good idea to move securities out of my US broker to IBKR? Will that avoid tax penalties from moving them after the 5-year residency period?
@sadmamacat Is it me, or are there no ultra-short term bond ETFs available?

I looked for SGOV/BIL/TFLO/USFR/VUSB, and none of those are supported. Since US Mutual Funds are off-limits, and I assume JP money market funds/accounts fall into the PFIC nightmare, what options are there for a cash dump?

I guess VGSH or SHV?

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