UPDATE to my "How stupid would I be to buy a new car?" Post

@bamandau If its under warranty and you hear a light engine tick, take it in a demand they change all 24 rocker arms. They apparently only last 15k miles before wearing out.

Or just trade it for anything else if you're in a position to do so
@itsmeheathermarie My last car I had for 10 years until I totaled it last year. It was brand new financed for 5 years paid it off in 4. Always made 20$ or more extra payments each month then paid the rest off lump some style. In those 10 years yes there were recalls but I never had to have anything but new tires sparkplugs or the usual done to it. Nothing.
@itsmeheathermarie GM is shit, and Buick sucks. That thing will have so many problems and repairs, it’s not worth it. You would have been better off buying a 2 or 3 year old Honda Pilot or CRV. It will last twice as long.. good luck

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