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My wife and I teach abroad, and have for the last 5+ years. We are both US citizens, and would like to move back to the US soon. We have looked at houses when we come back to visit and are trying to get approved for a mortgage to man an offer. No one seems to approve us because we reside outside the US. And then when we move back we will technically be unemployed since it’s the summer time. We will be applying to public schools in the area, so no one again will approve us, it could take a couple months to find a job. Any help? We would like to buy a house to move back into because coming back and renting will just eat into our house fund. I never thought it would be so hard to buy a house being a US citizen. Any info will help as we are first time home buyers. Thanks!
@tranz4md Repeat after me. You don't reside outside the US. You just had a quick work assignment abroad. Here's "my" (parent, relative, friends) US address. SSN? I got that too. And here's my (voip) US phone number.

This is how to deal with banks and brokerages in the US.
@tranz4md A number of mortgage brokers specialise in this area. Just google US expat mortgages. Typically you need at least a 20% down payment though.

While giving a parent/friend’s address for things like bank accounts and brokerages is usually OK in the grand scheme of things, lying on a mortgage application is not - it’s mortgage fraud! You’re also very unlikely to get away with it even if you tried with no W-2 and it makes no sense for school teachers to be on a temp work assignment abroad.

Real question is why can’t you just wait until you’re back in the US? Seems like an avoidable headache to buy a house from abroad with all the additional hurdles for expat buyers. You are unlikely to obtain the best quotes in your situation and it’s hardly a dreamy time to buy anyway.

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