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My car got vandalized and the quote for repair is 8.5k at Toyota body shop (my car’s value is about 6-8k when it’s in good condition, bought it for 8k). It is also a 08 Lexus with 150k miles.

Called insurance (Progressive) and they said it will stay on record for 7 years for general claims, does anyone know how much my rate will go up approximately over the 7 years? They said it will go up despite its vandalism. Right now I’m 21, pays a little more than $200 for insurance with no at fault accidents.

Ever since the vandalism there’s another accident which I have the option to get a $2000 payout or fix the car. So without fixing the car I don’t think I can trade in my car for 3.5-4k (I got a quote prior to the accident).

I know I can just put the window back and keep driving it, but I just don’t want to drive a car in this shape, or get a shitty body repair for cheap, plus I paid for full coverage why not use it. If the car is totaled, I will put 8-14k towards another used car.

Any advice on how to proceed will be much appreciated, and if anyone knows how much will the rate increase roughly, as my insurance won’t answer that. Thank you so much!!

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