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Is first, can you get away with secondhand?

And is it really cheap?

If it does need to be new, and are good starting points.

Even if you want a specific brand, or model, you can still find who is selling it cheapest.

My brothers coffee machine died recently, we found a suitable one, and took a look. This time it turned out that Amazon Australia was cheapest. And yes, of course you take into account shipping. The US site no, not to mention power requirements, but the Aussie site works out sometimes.

And it was, quite a bit cheaper.

Most things we have got used. Clothes frequently, TV, we got a 46" Samsung for $50 off a guy going into a retirement home. Phones, same guy gave me a Sony A5, I am very happy with it. Free.

Used can be op shops, Trademe, garage sales, or occasionally a second hand shop.
@jessicacharlie Obviously you'd do your research.

Sort by price sure, but if the number 1 cheap store has a site with no contact details, looks suss, move on to number 2 store. And Pricespy does have reviews on stores too. Read them.

It is still a good site. We bought a washing machine not long ago, turned out HN was the cheapest at the time, Bosch model. You see?
@resjudicata How do you trust the websites on pricespy? I bought a Samsung a22 after I dropped my original one in the toilet at karaoke and it turns out it was an import from China. It was fine except the manual and everything was in chinese so I had way more trouble lol
@resjudicata Yeah of course, a little research goes a long way but I work 70hr weeks so I'm not going to do that hahah. I still use the site, always when buying online but I don't buy through them often
@resjudicata Just want to note Amazon Australia has free shipping to NZ for prime members on purchases over $50 total, so if it's expensive it might be worth getting a month of prime video instead then ordering if it's something heavy/bulky.
@resjudicata I got my floor lamp, towel rail, iron board, iron etc all from trade me auction, which if I buy new cheapest still will cost me more and the above i only pay between $1-$15. Of course, some other stuffs better new but many of them can get away with second

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