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Hi reddit. Im not sure this qualifies to be in here but i need help

6 weeks ago i made a purchase on an ecommerce website: a bunch up of formal wear. I was hoping to get new clothes for my work wardrobe. I eventually ended up cancelling my order the very same day because a friend of mine told me how bad the quality and the customer help was. According to the website the full refund was given the very same day.

I s t i l l h a v e n ' t g o t m y m o n e y.

At first they told me that processing a refund especially in currency takes a lot of time, usually between 10 to 30 days. Another time they said it takes only 10 to 14 days. Then they told me my bank is the problem. I call up my bank they advised me to get an ARN number which will track where the money is lying during this transaction.

Needless to say that just getting this info from the ecommerce website is a hassle. They dont want to give me leads. and im very very anxious since its a very big purchase by my standards and i feel like ive been scammed. Its just today that they given me a screenshot (which im suspicious about) and in it theres is this:
  • ARN Rate IND : x
  • ARN ACQ BIN : xxxxx
im not sure if these are the Identification number my bank asked for. Can someone please help??
@temre I'm not sure personally, but if you are doing it on a phone you might be able to sit with a banker at the bank to track down the info the bank needs.
@temre Ask to file a dispute with your bank for the charge. Then their back office team will investigate to figure out what happened to your refund.

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