@rodron Income is net, i.e taxable income. After taxes it's something like ~100k. I own my house, mortgage is about 400.- per month.

Great question! Here's why: I moved, need a 4x4 now. And I want to go electric, since I will generate my own power soon. I need a bigger car, as my family grows. This reduces the options to maybe a handful of cars, all above 60k.
@virginiaann Model Y long range. There is no real competition for it right now.

The LR goes for 50k right now. Maybe 55k with color options and winter tires.

- Space in the model Y is unmatched

- Tesla Charging is unmatched

- Software is unmatched

- price right now is unmatched

- efficiency is unmatched.
@virginiaann So you don't like Elon, no problem with that, his behavior on twitter is questionable at best.

Now all the other big Auto CEO's have been lying in peoples faces about emissions for 10 years or more. Literally killing people earlier. I mean they don't post controversial stuff on twitter because they have a marketing team between them and their account. Cool. I just don't think they are any better than Musk.

So go get the same specs for 10k more or get a inferior vehicle at the same price from a CEO literally shitting NOx emissions in peoples throats. Up to you.
@virginiaann What is your goal with the car? To keep it or to change after the lease? From my own reading, leasing is often more expensive than buying directly if you plan to keep the car.

If you want an opinion, 65-80k is a huge chunk of your yearly expenses just for a car. That's beyond needing a car, it's I want something uber luxurious. To me at least, it sounds outlandish.

If it were me I would dial it down. I would go for a nice second hand. If you really want new, 60k (already quite high for a car in my taste) would get you a luxurious car.
@virginiaann I mean it's nice to have a beautiful car but this is the opposite of conservative finance.

Leasing is basically indebting yourself and paying even more for an already luxurious expensive good.

I buy all my cars cash.
@virginiaann The problem is not the leasing per se. I mean you pay a bit more but as you said investing the money yields higher. The main problem is you hold a big chunk of the depreciation. You have to know for yourself if it's worth. i'would say the best cars have less than 60k kilometers and are about 2 years old. Then the depreciation amount is much lower. Plus the brand is also important. A Porsche has a much higher depreciation % than a Toyota

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