Nigerian here, would you gentlemen be interested in seeing how the top5 Nigerian Banks performed this year?

@ealisonben You know..I just realized all my 4 years on reddit..anytime I say I am Nigerian..some keyboard Dave Chappelle always comes up with a Nigerian prince joke

Always..its getting boring
@theyellowbird If it makes you feel any better, I've been getting the "IRS Tax Fraud" phone message way more often than the "Nigerian Prince" scam.

Actually, I've been getting a new one recently: the "Iraqi War Veteran who found Treasure in Iraq". All I have to do is give this Iraqi War Vet my bank account number, and he will let me keep millions of dollars...
@theyellowbird Thanks for the info OP! I've actually been following / thinking of investing in $NGE.

You mention that banks have started lending to non-oil companies. What sectors do you think are getting these loans?
@theyellowbird The return since inception of the NGE ETF is NEGATIVE 60%. Literally half your invested money would be gone right now if you invested in the Nigerian index when it became available to investors.

I have nothing against Nigeria and I wish it prosperity for the sake of the global economy, but that return is so terrible it simply can't be invested in.
@theyellowbird How's the currency situation unfoldning? Last time I posted here about Nigeria they were talking about more devaluations and the Naira is not exactly stable. As for 2018 a lot of countries have done 35%+ yearly returns with a better economic outlook , Poland, (South Korea), Italy and Spain to name a few.

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