@zachariahs semi-D every day of the week if you can afford it.

offstreet parking will save you on car insurance. House insurance should be somewhat lower too. only 1 neighbour to deal with. rear access to the garden.
@zachariahs Semi-d all the way. That way you only have one bunch of cunts attached to your house making noise that you will for sure hear through the walls.

And if possible, build the dividing wall with the neighbour on the detached side, as well as on the attached side at the back, as high as you’re legally allowed so you can have a bit of privacy and not have the neighbours looking in your side door (if the house has one) every time you walk out the sidedoor or go out into your back garden.
@zachariahs Mid terrace in this case.
Most of the new builds now are well done. I have a home theater with a subwoofer and my neighbors don't hear a thing. One of the neighbors has a kid that plays hard and we don't hear anything either.
@zachariahs I'd lean towards the semi D.

Though modern houses are (usually) well made, so noise shouldn't be much of a problem in the mid terrace, the semi D is just one neighbour to worry about.

The small walk in wardrobe wouldn't sway me.

The second ensuite wouldn't either. You likely have one in your master bedroom which is the most important thing. If you have one kid using another bedroom, they may as well have their own ensuite since they won't have to share the main bathroom.

For visitors, it's a mild extra convenience that'll be used a few times a year. It'll sit empty and unused the rest of the time.

The utility room is a bit of a pain though. It's a weird config of an estate that the mid terrace has so much more space, but the pros of dedicated parking, side access, one neighbour would make me lean towards the semi D.

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