[Milestone] Crossed 1 cr networth

@revots Congratulations, that’s the way! Although i live frugally as much as possible but I spend in gaining life experience in my 20s since they’ll never come back. So it has to be a healthy and pragmatic balance.

I believe today’s youth needs to learn how to save as well. Most of them in India are living paycheck to paycheck and spending all their salary in unnecessary and unaffordable luxuries. Looking at America - we already know that doesn’t work very well.
@revots OP - Even I am going through simar phase. But due to covid and personal commitments wasn't able to start in mutual fund and stock market. Now want to start, would u share the MF portfolio with names , I want to see what you have opted as reference. I wanted to start from past 3 months but not able to shortlist. Thanks.

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