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I was out of town for work for a month, in that timeframe an AC (central) leak caused a flood inside the apartment, mold and damaged floors and walls.
I only reported the damaged when i got back home weeks after the leak.
Insurance covered my damaged possessions, but refused to cover the damages to the apartment itself, approx $13k.
Now property management (corporate) is seeking
to cover that repair bill.
P.S. i already moved out from the property, security deposit was returned, local management did not said anything about the repair bill.

It it time to seach for a lawyer or just show corporate a middle finger?
@guardians Lawyer up. Damn near identical situation happened when I was out of town. Except my missed calls from the mulch they put on the ground all coming to where the great right in front of my apartment window was because my apartment was the bottom and it’s at halfway in the ground. I came home to my floor, sopping wet. It is water everywhere, and still had half my lease to go through 1500 a month for one bedroom with me my four year old newborn living there. I was going to school about to graduate, but my apartment was not livable, even the health department cut it. The end ended up finding them the housing authority building people that I had to pay rent which I did but for the damages they try to come out for me and it was bad because it caused my four floors of apartments mine was bottom and my doors were all messed up and it started settling and all sorts of weird shit. But they tried to collect on my apartment when the damage was even due to the their own ignorance with all the mulch, that congregated right above that great in front of my window it ended up flooding because it blocks the great from being all during all the water, and all the water seeping over my windowsills. For the two weeks I was gone beginning of spring.

My renters denied their claim, and then they try to come after me personally didn’t work out for them. Definitely need to consult minimum though, have Atty figured out before you get filed or sued against and just be prepared, you at least have the right as the one that was insured to have copies of why their claim was denied when they filed it with yours and just exactly what they’re asking and specifics

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