Is 2000+ a week a good wage here in Toronto?

@lordadvocate Is that so, im pretty far from that province and 2k a week is trash if you work anything over 50hrs a week.

That isn't even middle class after you factor in everything you are taxed on.

That wage is for young adults fresh out of high school, and being it's in Toronto that makes it even worse
@akdk1210 I'm going to assume this is pre-tax so that's around 104k annually and you have normal working hours.

Honestly even with these assumptions, we need more context. Like what your definition of 'good' is. Is it much better than the average person? Hell ya. Is it good enough to be a single income homeowner, hell no. Is it enough to rent in Toronto, enjoy yourself and save a bit of money. Just barely.
@akdk1210 It's not bad. Solid middle class.

You can have a good comfortable single life and have hobbies. Saving to buy a place and have a car (debt free) will be a stretch

Thats 100k. I'd aim for 120k. 140k if you had a stay at home wife, 160k for kids too

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