I'm unable to obtain any auto insurance because of my stupid. (please help!


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I apologize for being such an idiot and putting my trust in the law office in the first place. It's a fairly "good" lesson to learn when I enter society....ok, I'm dying because of this...please scold me anything you want...but I just want to receive advice on the next step I can take...or there is nothing I can do to remedy the problem....

So, here's the background:
  1. I got my driver's license in 2022. (NEW DRIVER)
  2. I purchased my first new vehicle in NYC in 2023.
  3. No one covers me because I am young and have no driving record; 5k quote from the cheapest insurance company. (New Yorker, I completely accept it)
  4. Always a safe driver, with no tickets all the time.
  5. Person A was a passenger in the bus accident with another car and was sent to the hospital; and we need to hire lawyer against them to recover the medical bills.
  6. lawyer lied to me. I need provide my auto insurance to A (my relative) so that they can receive medical treatment without affecting my policy, and my insurance will be reimbursed once the legal dispute is resolved.
  7. as a result, they used my auto insurance to cover bodily injuries. I received a claim from my auto insurance, but the lawyer told to ignore it, they would handle it.(I am incredibly foolish.)
4.Afterward, my car insurance provider rejected me because of the claim, and eventually, all insurance companies rejected me.
  1. I am considered a high-risk driver due to the claim, and the only quote from the state is 22k per year.
I am the most foolish person, and I am still curse to myself about this and can't sleep at night. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, good or bad, anything

Is this considered auto claims fraud?

Am I banned from driving for the rest of my life?

I am thinking about selling my car....
@wandereroftruth So you were involved in a very serious accident? It sounds like you weren’t at fault, but that don’t make a huge difference. When they pay out a $22k BI claim, they’re probable to drop you. Other companies will then look at see that your previous policy paid out a large bodily injury claim and decide they don’t want to insure you. So yes, it is because you had to use your own policy, but there’s no good way around that due to how government insurance works (assuming city bus).

If you live in NYC, 100% just sell the car and use public transport. The whole city is practically designed for that. I do not see any fraud in this story.
@georgia56 Thank you for the response! I appreciate it very much!!!

My relative was involved in this; he was on the bus as passenger, which collided with another car. i was so naive to trust the attorney to used my auto insurance... This has nothing to do with my car or myself.. thank you..
@mlprice It’s not fraud. OP’s relative was likely covered under PIP or UMBI/UIMBI under OP’s policy which would have happened after the insurance company did a thorough investigation to determine if the relative qualified for coverage under the policy.
@johnerica thank you for your explain....so it's lawful that, with my agreement, the insurance can cover my relative's injury claim even though I and my car were not involved in the accident? very appreciate you answer..
@wandereroftruth It’s in your contract that your auto policy may cover certain people in certain types of accidents when that’s the last resort for coverage. You don’t even have to agree to it.
@mlprice aprreacte your reaponse!!.. but it's lawyer fault..

I was thinking reporting insurance fraud to the state and hiring a lawyer to see if I could sue the legal firm.

but I'm afraid I can't do anything. thank you..!
@shirlslife Yes, it's the bus accident with another car. I was at home with my brand-new car when it happened. :)

the lawyer lied to me and borrowed my auto insurance (according to law because we live together, same address) to claim the accident and he promised it wouldn't affect my auto insurance... I am so stupid...
@wandereroftruth That's how it works. If they are on your policy or you live together and they are supposed to be on your policy, it's going to go on your policy. Sounds like they didn't have their own policy and the coverage investigation showed they only had insurance through you.
@bmag777 I really appreciate your explanation. The relative lives with me, and they do not have auto insurance and do not drive. According to Lawyer, since we have the same address, I should offer it...otherwise, they (the court?) will ask about this.I'm not sure... but thank you for your reply.
@bmag777 The funnest thing(not fun at all) is that only option for my car is the New York Automobile Insurance Plan (for these who can’t get quote from private market) , which costs $22,000 per year.This basically means I shouldn't drive ever again...thank you! and have a good weekend!
@bcs90 It's not at all. OP says they live together. And if they didn't have their own coverage but are listed on OP's auto insurance policy it can pay out all day long for their being injured in an accident.
@bcs90 thank you so much for you reply, they told me that the claim would follow me forever, regardless of who is at fault. I shouldn’t provide it to laywer..so this claim makes me seem like the kind of person who, in less than six months of driving, crashes an entire car...if i am auto company, i also rejected..

I will see if there is any way I can settle the claim, but based to my research, I have already died..............thank you

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