I’ve been working nonstop for over 2 years. Do you think it’s right to reward yourself ?

@bridger This! Take a long weekend or a week, but don't quit your job or do anything drastic like that. Once you've built a real career you can take a true sabbatical, but at 2 years in your career is not stable enough for a big gap yet.
@inluvwlife You should reward yourself within budget. Working nonstop over the course of 2 years is exhausting physically and mentally, so a break is needed. It doesn't have to be an expensive trip, just something that gives you a break and is within boundaries.
@inluvwlife I live very near the beach and even a long weekend there where it's different and I don't see the things I could/should do, restores my soul. My ex and his wife did the same at a nearby KOA with cabins. It doesn't have to be long or costly, but the mental benefits can be immense. Of course, if it's a big financial hardship or would create debt, it won't work and will backfire.
@inluvwlife It all depends on your budget and what types of travel you are talking about.

I suggest, if you aren't already, include a travel fund in your budget. Then when the time comes that you want to travel, you can just use the amount in your travel fund.
@inluvwlife Luxury could be a multitude of things, you don’t have to shell out big necessarily. It depends on your budget. My luxury is hiking with friends, and I don’t think that will change even when I’m wealthy.
@inluvwlife If you have the money to do so, go for it. I'd recommend all inclusive resort in mexico. Don't bother paying extra for beach front if you choose cancun side as the coastline has been bombarded by seaweed for at least the last 8 years.

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