How to invest during weak EUR, high inflation, and meek interest rate?

@vitfitprayer That is a stupid answer. The correct one is that a strong dollar makes it unattractive for outsiders (non-usa) countries / buyers to shop stuff from usa. Hence their international sales / trade will decline. A weak dollar makes everything look cheap to outsiders and they will buy more from usa.
@memejz Yes but when do you know it is too much? Also it's not like I'm buying a lot of Boeings and Mustangs (sadly). I feel like most of my consumption would be more tied to CNY than USD.
@craig01 Yeah cause consumers are the big spenders in international trade.....😅🤷‍♂️. Companies dictate it. At a certain point it will be cheaper for europe to buy/develop inhouse than to import from USA. This barrier varied per company/household etc. But overall it doesnt help if dollar goes up. At least not for international trade.
@kcnalp I usually make no directional bets unless the market situation is very clear and the opportunity evident (lehman or covid-level crisis). Otherwise tax and transaction costs are not worth the bet.
@kcnalp Yes, the important thing is not denomination but correlation between USD and underlying earnings. Broad indices include companies that do business worldwide so their future earnings should not be so closely correlated with the dollar.

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