How to get poverty & accumulate wealth and freedom

@daisy83 To be honest, I'm often in orange or red the last 2 years because of meth users in my rentals doing damage and not paying rent. The last 2 years I've had a emergency fund of 125k gone in repairs.

I followed the logic, buy were I can afford n rent where I want to live.

The logic behind this was I could live in a 2 mil house for 250, of 1000 (3 other flat mates) a week rent. Buy where I could afford a 750k house n get 650 a week rent.

Ratio of yields matter.

If 75% ish of my Rentals are rented and paying rent, it breaks even. Before the tax side of things.

My personal income fluctuates due to doing short technical contracts. A one month contract could fund me for 3months. But I can live on 450 plus 200 travelling a week. rental income I dont touch.

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