Have you ever been told Insurance is Haram?

@serbest27 Not at all. Your willingness to write off a brother or sister in Islam because they follow a different opinion then you shows that you are the one who is in fact lost.

These are not my opinions. I'm nobody. You are also nobody. These are the opinions of qualified scholars and imams who have a different opinion than the one you are used to. There is nothing wrong with that.

"Difference of opinion is a mercy"

Hiring a security guard is totally related. You are paying for someone's protection IF something happens. Insurance you are paying IF something happens. No Difference.

The opinion I follow is that Insurance is NOT haram as a concept, however, how it is constructed is what matters.

I am with you the majority of insurance is haram. But not for the reasons you mentioned. It is haram because they Insurance companies use your money in a haram way involving Riba. You can find some insurance contracts where you choose how the money gets invested and thus can choose a halal investment option.

You are entitled to follow the opinion you think is right. I am entitled to follow the opinion I think is right.

Allah knows best.
@natalie223 That If you are doing WholeLife, Universal, or Index, this can most definitely happen. Now if you get a term life policy a person that is 40 their retirement age will be 65 -doing the math that is 25 more years. Get a policy that expires at 100 with a guaranteed rider, if that person outlives 100 they can take the money they have put into that policy and extend the policy's life. It all depends on the character of the Insurance person you are dealing with.

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