[GEORGIA] BYE 3/20 -- Reapplied 4/9 -- Paid 5/5

@richyrich Honestly to me it just sounds like if you didn’t reapply in April or later you were just forgotten about. I’ve yet to see someone who actually reapplied in March get paid.
@richyrich That’s a relief my friend, I’ve been diligently trying to get ahold of someone with no luck. If you have any other information that would be great
@ninx I would recommend people have a resume on Employ Georgia. The day after I did that they processed my claim, and I got paid a couple days later.
@richyrich Thank you , I’ll try that. I thought I’ve done everything right so far, this is all new to me. I just want to get back to my job.
@ninx Doubt you could. Maybe get an appointment on the website monday at 8am. I just won when my employer stated that i wasnt partially unemployed because they cut my hours from 45 to 30-35 hours. I couldn't contact anyone even the email. I filed January 6 and the arbitrator ruled that i was partially unemployed on April 28 and i was paid april 29... i had zero contact..
@chance7 So frustrating, I was a server in a we’ll to do Chinese restaurant but when covid hit it shut them down for good. I reached my end date but reapplied exactly how I was supposed to but I haven’t heard anything since I reapplied. I was working 40-50 hours a week but now my job doesn’t exist.. usually I’m pretty laid back and patient but this is crazy
@richyrich Reapplied 4/7, processed email came on 5/3. Got paid today!!!!!! Even though it doesn't show payment on portal, all backpay came in. Still says pending determination, and I have never done the Employ GA thing.

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