Finding Insurance with Average Household Income but Low Personal Income


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I am an uninsured 23 y/o who is working part time as an intern with an expected income of about $8,000 for the year. I live with my father who is on Medicare meaning I am ineligible to be covered under his insurance.

I also can’t get low cost healthcare through Medicaid because our household income is above the limit.

What options do I have to find affordable care?
@phill876 Have you tried You need about $15k in income to qualify, and you only earn $8k, which should put you into Medicaid. But since you said you don't qualify because of household income, I wonder if you could use your household income to qualify on the federal ACA exchange, .
@phill876 Does your father claim you as a tax-dependent?

If he does not, then the fact that you live in the same house with him is completely irrelevant. Your household consists of people on your tax return and if he's not claiming you as a dependent only your income
Sorry I didn't finish that since. If he does not claim you with a dependent the only thing that matters is your own income.
@phill876 I realize you’re not earning enough to live independently, but is he really providing you so much support that it justifies him still claiming you? You would probably get earned income credit if you filed single and that would likely work out better than whatever refund he’s getting on your behalf. I strongly advise you to run your own numbers through turbo tax or similar for tax year 2023 (it’s free for you due to your income) and see what you would get on your own.

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