Does anyone know the best way to get affordable fish?


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I would love to get more fish into my diet, but it's so expensive!

I don't live near the ocean and I'm not that good at fishing. I potentially could fillet whole fish, but would definitely be a new skill to learn! I can do it but takes ages and there's a bit of waste. Is buying a whole fish even worth it by the time you remove everything?

I buy canned tuna and frozen crumbed Hoki fillets (they seem to be the cheapest). The issue with the frozen fillets is that they are crumbled and only 50-55% fish. They also have quite a lot of fat, and I would prefer plain fish as it's healthier.

I really don't like canned salmon :(

Does anyone know any hacks to get fish fillets that don't cost the earth or have very little crumbling? At pak n save, the cheapest I'm seeing fresh fish fillets for is around $27/kg.
Are there times/days of the week where it often goes on sale? (I'm in Palmerston North).

As extra points, what's the cheapest way to have salmon? Frozen is fine, canned is not. I know it won't ever be "cheap", but I would buy a serve once every few weeks if i could get it for even just
@mazin Canned mackerel mate.

Pacific crown mackerel costs $2.5 not on special, or $2 on special.

A single can contains a whopping 106g protein for a total of only 600cal for the whole can. That’s leaner than most protein shakes mixed with water and it’s real food.
@mazin It’s literally the cheapest and yet leanest source of protein I’m aware of. It’s my go to to slam a whole can of that for lunch. It’s the cheat code to mass protein at low cal at low cost.
@gangabarre111 Slice or dice an onion, cook in oil then add the canned fish. Sprinkle a teaspoon of masala, 1/2 teaspoon of tumeric, 1/2 teaspoon ginger and garlic, salt to taste. Serve over rice. Affordable meal and what a lot of fiji indians grew up on 😊
@halvo Mackerel rice bowl (like a tuna rice bowl), stir fry with egg, stir fry it with some chinese cabbage, or spinach (or any veggies, really) and just season it with soy sauce, oyster sauce, some sesame oil and you're good to go.
@halvo Putting it in pasta with fresh tomatoes and lots of garlic is really delicious.

Can turn it into a fritter, salted on toast, as a protein in noodles, with crackers, etc...

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