Currently in Ontario working for Montreal company remotely, will I get Q.P.P money back?


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Just looked at my last paystub from last year and I see that I paid some thousands into Q.P.P. will I have Q.P.P available to me when I retire or will this money come back to me? I've been at the company a few years and when I did my tax last year I remember the accountant telling me about getting something back because of the company being in quebec but I didn't really get it, I just wanna have this clarified.
@stevejr This. When you fill out your address on the taxes it’ll switch everything to Ontario. You don’t get the QPP back, but Quebec transfers it to CRA as CPP contributions. I believe they’re equal, so nothing really happening there for a refund of overpayment.

The bit you got back last year, is because they’ve been deducting Quebec tax bracket amounts all year and Quebecs taxes are ever so slightly higher. So you’ve paid more income tax than you owe because you’re in Ontario.

The same happens to me each year, because I work for an Ontario company and live in BC, so our taxes are about 1% lower for my earnings level.
@yeshuaisgod Quebec taxes are dramatically higher than Ontario taxes.


14% on the first $49,275 of taxable income,
19% on $49,275.01 up to $98,540,
24% on $98,540.01 up to $119,910,
25.75% on the amount over $119,910


5.05% on the first $49,231 of taxable income,
9.15% on $49,231.01 up to $98,463,
11.16% on $98,463.01 up to $150,000,
12.16% on $150,000.01 up to $220,000
13.16% on the amount over $220,000
@joysky93 However this doesn't take into account that the federal taxes reduction in Quebec. Much lower federal income tax bill. Still higher in Quebec though

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