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I use a fair bit of data and my current phone plan isn’t really that good, I’m spending about $60 a week just on data and it’s shocking. What’s a good plan to join?
@resjudicata Holy shit that heaps. Have you thought about just knocking the net off your phone? I dumbed down to a painfully stupid phone that has the ability, but its just too much of a drag. Internet is just from home now - quite liberating and so much money saved.
@resjudicata omg that’s heaps 😭 i’m with skinny, it’s awesome and $40 a month for unlimited data (max speed data is like 4.5gb or so but you can get more - the “slower” speed isn’t noticeably different for me anyway). you can even bring your number over, i switched to them from 2degrees at the start of the year
@jpf Second this - I went over a couple of months ago skeptical that it would be enough but it’s amazing and basically the same speed that I was paying 2deg $60 per month for since they’d throttle data use when going over your limit. I like to listen to podcasts while I work and it works great :)
@jpf My partner has that plan. It's enough for her, but she says it struggles to load images and videos. I'm on the next plan up. 10mb download speeds. I'm pretty happy with it.
@resjudicata My current phone plan is the 2degrees prepay $19 a month, I have been sticking with it for nearly 2 years now.

I don't use a lot of data in general, but 2degrees let's you use 1 hour free data once every 24 hours. I work 8 to 5, so I pretty much only use my phone during lunch breaks to browse reddit or watch YouTube.

It actually came in handy when I moved house and didn't have any internet set up at all for nearly a week, I had 1 hour to check essentials and then maybe stream an episode of something to keep me entertained.
@nonorthodoxy Agree, 2D has SFA data for big data user. I'm not one of them and only reason i joined 2D was they started the carryover data bandwagon. Current $40 a month has usually let me build up sufficient for national holidays, hospital stays, & other longer periods away from home.
@resjudicata I personally only use Spotify and Google maps on the go, I have free wifi at work and pay for it at home. Warehouse mobile has a $4 a month for 500 MB prepaid data pack and since my family is all on the same prepaid card we can TXT and call each other for free.

You could pay $8 for 1.25 GB

I'm spending $48 a year for 4/5G.

Alternatively there's MyRepublic mobile where it starts at 25$ a month for unlimited data @ 2 Mbps speeds. (You can pay more if you want faster speeds, but they're all unlimited plans) Promo code: C1204821 which gives you $25 credit if you want to sign up to it - my home internet is with them.

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