Car insurance screwing me?


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Hello. Someone backed into my car and crumbled my passenger door and scratching it all the way down. Their insurance considered it a loss and is going to give my car an r title if I decide to keep it. The problem is they are not being fair to me. I have receipts for parts for the car and proof it’s in my car and has been on my car. These include spark plugs and vapor canisters and a master and slave clutch cylinder and brand new tires. They are telling me everything I have done to the car other than tires is maintenance or preference and they are not gonna pay for it. I have $3500 in parts and labor for stereo and aftermarket performance parts. They want to give me $2700 if i keep the car or $3100 if they take it. Can I fight this at all to get more money for am I screwed? I own a 2003 Nissan Sentra spec v ser
@pennyrn They're not screwing you. Most of that is maintainence and doesn't add value. You might get a little more if the tires are only a few weeks old. But new spark plugs etc doesn't increase the value of the vehicle.
@pennyrn Laws vary state to state, but where I am, third party losses are paid at actual cash value at the time of the loss. You vehicle would be valued and depreciation applied. Having receipts wouldn't really help as aftermarket parts depreciate horribly and often bring the value of a vehicle down since they're not OEM.
@pennyrn It does matter how long ago it was but honestly 3 months tops is what I would have considered as recent enough. If you went through your own insurance they’d be more likely to pay it because you’re their insured but as a claimant they’re not going to go out of their way to pay you more

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