Car Insurance as a new driver in US with prior driving experience in India


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Hello folks, I am getting my lisence next week and purchasing my first car by end of this month. How do I shop around for insurance and reduce costs ?

A bit about my self
  1. Stable job
  2. 750 + credit
  3. New lisence in US
  4. non expired Indian driving lisence since 2015
  5. Age 32
  6. Single, staying on rent
  7. Car - bmw i4 on 3 year lease
A. Does my driving experience in india make any difference? Do you know of insurance companies that would care ?

B. What websites should I use to get quotes ?
@martina1 Some companies will consider non-US driving experience. Most will not. Your best bet is to reach out to an independent agent who can quote with multiple companies and find something that best suits your circumstances.

If you are in a large market, you might be able to find an agent who specializes in providing insurance for immigrant communities and might be able to more quickly steer you to the companies that are the right fit for you.

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