Binance users - What have you done?

@z Yes sila rin mismo ang dahilan, pati mga local banks kung bakit iniiwasan sila. Magtayo sila ng crypto friendly banks kung gusto nilang bumalik tiwala ng tao.
@chelsea2018 Moved mines to

They support arbitrum and more chains than pdax.

Tbh the rates and spreads are not bad if you use coinspro sometimes USDT and USDC is cheaper than P2P.

I believe people used their old experience on their convert/ simple buy and sell feature and not the orderbook exchange/coinspro

Plus its just easier to deal with them from banks instead of going thru p2p and taking risk of your account getting frozen. Atleast i know my crypto isnt being used for money laundering or terrorists, pogo criminals.

Maybe give them a try pinoy naman tayo, might aswell try out an exchange that is based here and pays Filipinos.
@chelsea2018 Its just basically the most advanced product they have, free to use inside the app.

Basically the same as binance etc

The convert the first feature you see sa app is the one people complaint about as higher fees but basically thats for beginners just looking to simple buy and sell, very similar to gcrypto, maya.

Coins pro is basically like a stock exchange, binance where you buy and sell with others and thus the rates are way better. You can do charts, technical analysis, stop loss etc

The fee theu charge is starts at 0.5% and lowers depending sa volume mo upto 0.05%
@jdprice Thanks again for this info. I've checked out coinspro, maybe I just hadn't checked it fully but it seems the flow is like this right?

1) On coins pro, trade PHP for USDT.

There's a USDC/PHP pair as well, but I noticed there's no USDC pairs for any other crypto like BTC or ETH? I found this odd unless I hadn't toggled something correctly. Anyhow.

2) Trade for the coin (e.g. BTC/ETH) using the USDT pair. I'm assuming this is cheaper than if I went straight to the BTC/PHP or ETH/PHP pairs?
@chelsea2018 Yeah most exchanges dont really support usdc pairs. USDT pairs are fine you can also just use it to buy USDT then send to another exchange to "trade" but if you do passive investing and buying and selling them php pairs are okay tbh.
@dyesa I found the step by step Youtube tutorials helpful, but in essence it’s a way of selling your crypto to other people who want to buy it (using GCash, etc.). It’s in escrow, so the funds don’t get released until the other party (you) confirm that the funds have been transferred to your GCash account.

Parang Shopee na magrerelease ng payment once you confirm that you received the item in good condition.
@dyesa Di ko alam pano nabuhay tong thread na to but yeah. P2P is your go-to choice right now. Just make sure na yung binance account and bank account of the person you're transacting with are the same. Otherwise red flag yan kung magka-iba.
@chelsea2018 I have the same experient with future, I check asset all the time but many times, when I close the trade, whatever Win or lose I lost my extra $40 - $80, for example, if the asset is said $1100 when I close, then recheck later I have only $1060 left, remember the closing fee is max $5-7. Thiis is fukiing scam system. 1 tiime I got profit at $1000, then when I check back still $500. They screw people day after day without anyone cacth them. These people will all get sick and die iin the fucking hell. PS: If they scam you in Future, they will scam you in everything you play. Isolate magin, copy trading.... They the fucking away from this BINANCE SHIT!!!

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