Are people under 30 supposed to just get fucked on car insurance ?

@tiglathpileser My 22 year old son has a 2008 Mazda 3 that he owns outright and pays less than $150/month for insurance after having one not at fault accident and he doesn't have any tickets.

I recommend going thru an independent agent. Or buying a car with cash if you can afford to.

Edit to add: He's in Fairborn, Oh
@tiglathpileser It's a thing now I afraid. Cars cost as much as houses so everyone gotta fork up. My first insurance ever on my brand new car/new driver was only $680/6mths. That's only 10yrs ago or so. Feels bad for gen Z for having to deal with this crap.
@tokai Don’t know why you’re getting down voted.

When you’re driving something that’s half a mortgage, and statistically 1/3 of people who are also driving don’t have insurance no duh it’s going to be expensive.

It’s a numbers game.
@tiglathpileser Well damn. I thought I had it bad being on the same plan as my husband who totaled two cars in 4 days…. But our insurance for 2 cars is $990 for 6mo…

Our two cars are 2010 and 2014 and one as a rebranded title because we fixed it up. This is with as full of coverage as they will allow for a rebranded title
@tiglathpileser We’re 29 & 27…. I agree our cars are older, but they’re still good cars with decently low miles (68k & 92k). We had AAA but recently got dropped because of the 2 accidents. Not my favorite, but now we’re with progressive because they take more risky drivers.

We pay in full, and if you can get a 12mo policy it locks your rate in for a whole year rather than 6mo.
@tiglathpileser I reread yours and saw you have a lapse too, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that’s part of the reason for higher rates too. One of the discounts I noticed this time around is “continuous coverage”.

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