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I've kept budgets in spreadsheets for decades now. There's just something about tinkering with them... It's now a full household budget with projections and savings/borrowing, and... About the only thing I wish I could add but can't is syncing expenses to bank statements.

Anyway... It's gotten us through more than a few hard times and since I recently made a cleaned-up version with explanations for my daughter, I figure it might be useful to others too. So, feel free to make a copy and do whatever with it. 🙂
@nicolabart I've got my own spreadsheet, but I approach it as making sure I've set money aside for all the bills/etc rather than a formalised budget. Since I'm paid monthly I have some calculations to make sure I'm putting aside a fraction of a weeks rent to cover months that have 5 rent payments rather than 4, and I've also got calculations to estimate how much interest I'll save by paying off debt faster.

It's in no way friendly for other people to use, but I might see what I can pull out & tidy up to share as some smaller spreadsheets.
@dgodshelp7 Do your hours, and thus pay, vary over those 6 weeks? Should be possible to work out if you set the start date of the current cycle & have a table of the hours for each week within the roster cycle.

I assume you want to make sure enough money is put aside each pay, proportional to the hours worked for that fortnight, to cover both weekly and monthly bills?
@nicolabart Very complex.

MIne is like

Income $1,446.00 Fortnightly

Power $60.00

Shopping $350.00

Drs $18.00

Rates $57.60

Sky (Inc internet) $87.50

Insurance House, contents $148.00

Regional Rates $13.38

Ph $40.00

Shower Loan $60.00

Car Expenses, gas, wof, reg, etc $60.00

Entertainment $60.00

Insurance Car $35.00

Total Bills $1005.48

Which leaves some for savings, clothes, any other bills, podiatrist for instance, hair cuts
@nicolabart I think of my self as fairly literate , but this Looks wayyyy too complicated, dont even know where to start .....

you need a better step by step guide it is all over the place. i think for you it is easy to understand .... for someone else however its not.
@melissauk That's fair. Even looking at it now, I didn't notice the 'quick-start instructions' that I'd put in myself until I was looking for a place to put some KISS instructions.

It's been a work in progress for me for years so what started out as a pretty simple income-expenses has grown organically.

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