40 y/o,House paid off,What would you do in my situation to grow wealth?

@polygon Understand but compounding works outside of super as well. I know there’s no tax advantage but i don’t think it’s time at 40 years old to go ham on super. Plenty of heart before it can be accessed and you may want to use it now including for other investments
@fictrainingsock He copy pastes the same advice to everyone even if they're 20. I believe he's probably 60+. The reality is you can achieve the same if not better gains from super investing in your own portfolio. I'll happily sacrifice the tax advantages to be able to access it whenever the fk I want.
@lochie Have you got an emergency account in case you lose your income? Might be an idea to build up this fund. Then you might look at paying into super for both you and your partner. Then you can start looking at building wealth outside suprt
@simplewoodencross Hi, i wrote a longer reply but it didn't post for some reason. Thanks for the reply.
We do have about 35k in savings and then some shares on top of that. I guess enough to see us through a rough stretch. Thanks again.
@lochie I am in same position - inheritance coming in and will likely pay off at least half / 3/4. We were considering an IP but I think it’s just too much hassle, going with shares/etf, max super out.
@lochie Most people put 25-30% of their take home pay towards their mortgage. A good idea is to now put 20% of your take home pay to super and other investments.
@beatye Growing by 24 % doesn't really mean much.. You could have a smallish balance and made a substantial contribution, hence explaining the large growth. I think 2% ish is ridiculous when property capital growth is easy double digits.

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