19 y/o student with no investment knowledge. What is the most passive way I can grow my RM10k?

@jackluies Put into smt low risk like money market funds like versa, kenanga or stashaway. Treat it as an emergency fund. It will be really helpful when the time comes where you just graduated and looking for jobs. This will give you time to shop around for better job offers. For your savings from your pocket money you can start DCA a little bit in etf just to get something started.
@abisax I've tried stashaway before for a while, returns are quite low (even compared to TNG), and is inconsistent. I put 2k and about half a year later i was left with rm1,966. Unless I did something wrong 😅
@jackluies Versa and Stashaway have different funds/portfolios to choose from, if the money shrank it could be you put into a regular investment portfolio rather than money market fund.

Right now Versa has a promotional guaranteed rate for their Versa Cash product - 4.3% per annum up to RM30k, net of fees. I would recommend to park it there so it grows faster than TnG’s current 3.41%
@jackluies Too early bro

Start working until 75 or u already have millions from inheritance

Open kwsp account

Open share account and buy blue chip share

Invest in kwsp share unit (asb/asn unit)

Open fixed bank account

Then go for higher risk
@ericc Agreed. Slowly climb the risk tolerance hierarchy. U got emergency fund covered. Miles ahead from your peers. Put the rest in some low fund such as asb/asm.. And continue building your career, skill etc
@jackluies 18 years old can start register kwsp account already, tomorrow morning just go kwsp branch near you and say u want open account and present your ic.

Your employer will thank you later.

Yes kwsp record is always 5-6% dividend compare to fixed deposit, that why boomer / risk adverse ppl say epf return is good but u need 1 million. And the life span increased to 70 . So u can enjoy your golden year 60-70
@sreya Kwsp is your retirement fund once u hit 55 or 60 , when your life fuck up so much such as kid dont care about you, no friend to rely on, parent pass away , family war with each other, family betray you, your spouse has no faith in you , the friend see u as a jerk, debtor coming to collect you and out of job, retirement fund is your only way to keep alive in this world

Yea record is important to the employer because if they once forgot to contribute, the kwsp officer will witch hunt them and prevent them going outside country . Their detail will blacklist and wanted fugitives. The kwsp will keep constant call , email them until they pay.

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