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    Can I use multiple brokers for Austria and U.S stocks investment?

    I am investing with Commsec. Recently, I found that other brokers (e.g, SelfWealth, Pearler, Stake) are cheaper in fess. I have questions as below. For investing in U.S stocks, (1) can I use two or more of brokers for investing in U.S stocks? (2) Is it safer to invest with a big broker...
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    Build or delay?

    Hi All, looking for feedback on our current scenario. 38F OP & 39M years old. Two children, 5 years and 8 months. Combined Income = 335k (as of March 24) Current PPOR = 1.1M owe 200k @ 6% Investment Prop = 470k owe 250k (positively geared) 6.2% Savings rate = 10k p/m (as of March 24) The...
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    What (if anything) changes in March, w/r/t Commercial Tenants and Landlords (in Victoria). Are rent reductions still required?

    After a year of Govt info, there is a lot of Covid-related info on the web that is difficult to tell if it's the most current. I've done what was required and worked with my (commercial) tenant to help them through last/this year, as they were hit hard, and reduced (and even cancelled some)...
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    AUD vs GBP? Now living in the U.K

    I was living in Australia for two years, during that time I saved 24k AUD and it was sitting in a RAMS high interest saver. However the current interest rate is pretty much 0% and I am no longer depositing $ to get a the bonus rate. I am now back in England probably will be for the next 3-4...
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    PPoR post-sale conditions

    If I was selling, could i insist on post-sale conditions such as ‘no investors’ or must live in the property for 5 years? I’m playing with the idea of selling, but would prefer the house to go to a family who would live in it,not to an investor who would leverage it. I’d expect to get less...
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    The Dark Side of Australia - Ever Growing Housing Crisis

    Tech is dead?
  7. K

    Advice as a 23 y/o Male

    Hi, I’m currently working in a full time job earning 60k a year before tax also have got a casual bartending role earning between 10-15k a year before tax. I’ve just bought my first investment property although it is currently still under construction so as of right now I’m only paying interest...
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    Saving as a 20 y/o

    Hello! I’m a 20 y/o uni student in Sydney. I usually get roughly $1800 per fortnight during uni (mac is $2.5k per fortnight on holidays) from my part time job but I’m wondering how I could be smarter with saving money. I have around 15k in savings (but half of that goes to uni tuition, didn't...
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    My first electricity bill after installing solar panels plus solar export information

    We installed solar panels on the family home in Sydney during October in 2020. We went with a 8.4kw system with 24 solar panels from Q Cells and Enphase Microinverters for a total cost of $10 620. We expect a ROI in 3.1 years. I searched this subreddit before installing solar panels. I also...
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    NABTrade t+2

    I have been investing using NABTrade which settles my holdings. I know commsec allows you to trade a stock without having the available funds using t+2. I have looked around on NABs website and it says that you’re able to do this also - fees if there is insufficient funds after the settlement...
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    Need advice about purchasing property with long term partner

    Me and my partner of 5 years are considering purchasing a house together. We have very different outlooks on finances - I am a bit stingy and love to save while he is happy to spend money on things that bring him joy but are not necessarily financially sensible, e.g. 80k cars. He previously...
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    Increase money in offset by selling shares?

    My wife and I have approx 350k left in mortgage. When I was younger I invested an okay amount into shares (currently worth approx. 100k). These are fairly diversified blue chip companies (e.g. banks , telecommunications, mining) which all pay a consistent dividend. We are due to refinance in a...
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    Class Action against REA industry

    It’s well known that REAs are some of the least trustworthy people on the planet, to put it lightly, but a recent experience got me thinking that there is systemic corruption within the industry that neither the industry nor government are interested in dealing with. Our experience: We...
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    Tax Free Threshold

    I have 2 jobs , Job A which I selected as my Tax free threshold and Job B which I selected no. Job A’s income from Financial Year to date is 9.6k and I’ve been taxed 400 whereas Job B’s income is 10k and I’ve been taxed 1.08k. How would I go about changing the tax free threshold from Job A to...
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    Thoughts on borrowing money to buy shares

    Do you think its worth it to borrow e.g. 50k at 2.5% per annum to buy ETFs? Keep debt forever and just repay interest. Technically speaking, this should be a good way to grow your wealth as the historical return rates are 8%+. What are everyone's thoughts?
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    Financing a secondhand car at 19? Y/N?

    So I need to buy a new set of wheels in the next week or two. I'm a uni student, work part time (I earn approx. $300-400 a week) but have $5-6k I'm willing to put towards a car. I graduate next year and plan to have a full-time job by 2021. My options are to either a) buy a car with that amount...
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    G & C Mutual - Experiences?

    I've been looking at home loan refinancing options lately and have come across G & C Mutual, who are offering 1.99% variable rate for refinancing owner-occupiers with LVR
  18. L

    How much does it cost you to work?

    I want to hear about what you spend to get and maintain your job that you otherwise would not have paid if you weren't working. If you average it out, how much would you say it cost you to work each day? On top of commute and uniform ir job- specific tools, I'd love to hear about hidden costs of...
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    How is my energy bill so high?!

    My energy usage (and bill) seems to be getting higher even though my partner and I are not changing the way we're using our energy. The past month our average usage was 27.8 kwh. Before that, around 20 kwh. We're with powershop and getting good rates. This is crazy! The bill says a 2 person...
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    Inflation calculations

    Very niche post which probably won't interest many people, but I'm turning to the brains trust for how to figure out the following calculation relating to inflation. Example numbers: Property value (start): $1,000,000 Nominal growth: 6% Annual inflation: 2.5% Real growth: 6% - 2.5% = 3.5%...